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The Cookie Paradox

I love this, and I quote:

A number of users have requested how they can stop the cookie popup without user consent. In order to stop the popup appearing you need to store a cookie to tell the script not to popup. However if that is done then this would be breaking the law.

So the law is the law - and I'm not questioning that - but this whole PECR 'Cookie' Law has really made my job interesting for the last couple of months. I think the quote above sums it all up - and made me laugh when I read it...

More cookie related sillyness

If course many online businesses (isn't that all of them nowadays?) are struggling to implement their solutions to the cookie paradox. So far the silliest I have found, and therefore the best in my opinion is by The Daily Mash. Have a look at their site and wait for the banner at the top of the screen:

Visit The Daily Mash
(I take no responsibility for the content of that site generally though!)

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All Change
This site has frozen a bit of late as my ISP has pulled out of Cold Fusion hosting which has presented me with a bit of a problem. I'm converting the site to another platform but haven't had a lot of time to do so. It's all got to be finished by the 29th November so at least I have a deadline. Got some other ideas about the site so may try and get it all online at the same time.
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Photoaday: Finished my first year

Day 365

So here I am at day 365 of my photoaday project. Mostly its been a good project to do, and I've easily found things to take photos of and upload. I've had the idea for this one for a while but shot it tonight - Almost every day I've managed to take photos, especially in the beginning, but since I got to 300 its been a real struggle - I've had other things going on in my life and some days I've completely forgotten.

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