YuRobot breadboard power supply

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YuRobot breadboard power supply

Part of the idea behind this project was to buy items for under a couple of pounds each time and use these to understand how the electrical components work. But one of the major ways to up the cost is to have to buy batteries to power the experiments. The trinket I have been using so far has been powered by the usb programming cable, but if I used one of these boards on a finished project I want a very cheap way to be able to simulate using batteries.

I explained about attaching a header to the trinket by inserting them in a breadboard, but when I was originally searching eBay for the breadboard I found the kit shown above for £2.38 (£3.73 once I added postage from china) This contained a breadboard, a power supply to add to it, and a lot of jumper wires which I could use on the breadboard and would save me having to make them.

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Electrons: Adding header pins to the Trinket

Making connections easier

Electrons:  Adding header pins to the Trinket

So far I have powered and programmed my Trinket by plugging in a usb cable to the onboard socket. The idea of this board though is that you program in then power it by other means. As supplied the board is flat with holes to connect things to as shown above. Also a set of header pins were supplied in the package.

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Electrons:  The Adafruit Trinket first experiments

So my journey starts with a trinket

Electrons:  The Adafruit Trinket first experiments

I’m going straight into the deep end here - no maths, not circuit theory, just a  relatively cheap little board with a usb socket, some holes to connect things and some LEDs.  The idea is that you program the on board micro controller to do things with the some of its pins, either use them to turn thing on and off - or to listen to things connected to them, and make decisions based on that.

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